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As graphical designers, we were designing creative content for a wide range of companies. We presented them and their stories in many different ways, from print to digital. Especially digital, which became more and more popular in demand. It was simple: everybody wanted to be digital. However, the infrastructure wasn't ready for that: it was complex to manage, expensive to use, and created many hassles.

Thus, the great pain was discovered.

We pivoted almost over night, and started focusing on solving this problem. Our solution: an affordable, simple to use platform. A service. An app.

Nowadays, digital is king. And thanks to PlayPoster, turning your digital screen into a promotional display is now easier than ever.

PlayPoster is a tool that helps you control the content on your digital screen (TV, monitor, tablet, etc).


You can upload and play all content from the convenience of your home, couch or phone - display videos, pictures, news, social networks (Facebook, Twitter), weather forecasts, or any other content that can be displayed on the Internet today.

Before, after designing your posters, you had to get them printed, shipped, and then manually put them up. Imagine bypassing all those steps, and simply uploading it directly to your screen(s)! No longer will you have to wait days or even weeks to put up new material. No longer will you need to manually replace anything. A few clicks, and your whole marketing can change throughout your store or bar. Easy!


Because today's world is digital - everywhere we go we see moving content, videos, and animations.

Because PlayPoster is far better than a USB key - no more tedious adding files manually and moving keys around.

Because PlayPoster is so easy to use, from every device - just upload your creations and voila, it appears on your screen!

PlayPoster was created for everyone to use and play any content on digital screens. Simply control, edit and benefit from content on any digital screen.



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