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How it works


When you receive your PlayPoster unit take it out of the box and plug it into HDMI slot in your screen (TV) and the USB cable into USB slot into the screen (TV) or power plug.

The unit will start automatically and display a starting logo of a PlayPoster (by OOSM).
You have to use a computer mouse (only once), connect it to a PlayPoster unit (USB), to set the WiFi password (if you haven't done it already with registration) for the PlayPoster to connect online. 


Use it as you would an Android phone: you have to drag down the WiFi icon and select the desired WiFi signal. A keyboard will appear where you enter a password you know.

Voila! This is it! Your PlayPoster is connected to your account.
Now go to your online account start playing with it.




ps. more help on forum

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